The Death of the Annual Performance Review

If you have employees, you probably also have a process to help them understand how they are doing on their job performance. There’s a new trend in large companies to kill the annual performance review and replace it with continuous, instant feedback as well as a tool called an after-action review.  This trend is the […]

The Entrepreneur’s Paycheck

As business owners, we may be so busy making sure the bills get paid and the product gets out the door that we may not be quite as proactive about our own compensation.  To pay themselves, many new business owners take what’s left after employees and vendors have been paid, and that ends up being […]

Biggest Reasons why a Business Fails

The success and failure of a business may seem to be influenced greatly by luck or fate. In reality, there are common mistakes that cripple a business no matter how well it has been rooted. One of the obvious reason is the failure to manage cost or anticipate a hike in the cost of managing […]

Keeping Overhead Expenses Low

Tips for Keeping Overhead Expenses Low for your Business Out of control overhead costs can cut into your business profits. Among other challenges, overhead costs is the greatest challenge that business owners face. Overhead costs are expenses that are not directly involved in providing of services or producing goods. In order to run a successful business, […]

How to become a CEO

What makes a CEO… well… a CEO Becoming a CEO is not an easy thing to do. The Chief Executive Officer position is one of the most sought after position in any company. It takes being the right person at the right time to be in this position. Because of its importance, we have decided […]

5 Things Entrepreneurs Can Do to Reduce Stress

When talking to Entrepreneurs, the emotion I sometimes hear is that they are stressed out.  Finding the balance between health, work, family and friends is taking a toll on them. In addition to the items covered below, I encourage them to delegate! Let go of some of the control for their own sanity. If you […]

8 Easy Ways to Be an Extraordinary Boss

8 Easy Ways to Be an Extraordinary Boss Here is an inspiring article we found at… By Geoffrey James High-class leadership means doing both the little and the big things necessary for your employees to flourish. Here’s where to start. A few years ago, I interviewed several dozen highly successful CEOs. In the post […]