Scam – Misleading Certificate of Status Solicitations!

The California Secretary of State has issued a notice to be aware¬†of¬†misleading Certificate of Status Solicitations. Letters are being sent to businesses asking them to submit a payment of $49.50, respond by a certain date, complete a form, and send the money and documents to a private company named “California State Corporations.” In return, California […]

Don’t Just Start a Business, Solve A Problem

As long as consumers have problems, they will always search for solutions. People will always look for better, faster and smarter ways to accomplish everyday tasks. And fortunately for entrepreneurs, there are still lots of rooms for improvements in existing products. That said, the biggest issue for most founders is finding these painful problems and […]

Benefits of Hiring DBS as your Agent for Service of Process

Who is required to have an Agent for Service of Process? All entities such as corporations and LLC’s are required to have a registered Agent for Service of Process. Whether you are starting a brand new California entity or registering to do business in California, the state requires your business to have an appointed Agent […]

Forming an LLC in California

Contrary to what people have been led to believe, forming an LLC in California is pretty straightforward. That said though, it is still possible to fall foul of some little known rules and regulations regarding how Limited Liability Companies should be formed, registered and start operating in the state of California. The following is a […]