Five Places Where Spending More Pays Off

It’s generally a good idea to keep overhead costs low so that your business profits will be higher.  This is especially true with items that are easily commoditized and fairly standardized, such as utilities and rent.  But there are times when increasing expenses pays off nicely, and here are five places where spending more pays […]

The Death of the Annual Performance Review

If you have employees, you probably also have a process to help them understand how they are doing on their job performance. There’s a new trend in large companies to kill the annual performance review and replace it with continuous, instant feedback as well as a tool called an after-action review.  This trend is the […]

6 Tips to Keep in Mind When Hiring Your First Employees

In the article 6 Tips to Keep in Mind When Hiring Your First Employees, Jeffrey Hayzlett, Prime Time TV Host and bestselling author of Foretime Cowboy, reflects on what he believes are the most important steps to do prior to hiring your first employees. Entrepreneurs start out as a one-man band, add devout followers and […]

Franchising Your Business

What are the Benefits of Franchising Your Business? Franchising is a business model where a parent company allows other people to operate franchises which offer the same quality of service and which follow similar procedures regardless of their local or international locations. There are many factors that benefit not only the parent company but the […]

10 Things Exceptional People Say Every Single Day

By: Jeff Haden September 16, 2014 LinkedIn Influencer, Jeff Haden, published this post originally on LinkedIn.     Want to make a huge difference in another person’s life? Want to make a huge difference in your life? Here are things 10 things exceptional people say every day — to employees, colleagues, family members, friends, […]

California Secretary of State Closed March 31, 2015

The California Secretary of State will be closed on Tuesday, March 31, 2015 in observance of César Chávez Day. We will remain open and documents will be filed the following business day.

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Hiring Employees In California

Here are some main procedures when hiring employees In California: 1. Background Check If you are thinking of hiring employees in California, you will need to go about it the right way. The first thing you should do is conduct a background check on the potential new hires. However, you are forbidden by law to […]

Streamline Your Accounting

Do you need to streamline your accounting? Are you tired of going through piles of accounting records? Do you get frustrated when you fail to deliver financial reports on time? Or are you going crazy due to the numerous inaccuracies and errors that pop up in your financial statements? Well, here are a few tips […]

Managing Priorities Before They Manage You

Ever looked at your fingers and wondered why they are different heights? There is a lesson we can learn from that. Just as all our fingers are useful but not the same height, so are the activities in our lives. This includes all things in life. As much as we feel the need to do […]