File Documents with the CA Secretary of State in Sacramento

Get faster processing time when you hire us to file your documents  with the CA Secretary of State Sacramento counter! •  Basic document review to check for common errors to reduce chances of rejections. •  We can get expedited 24-Hour processing or standard 7-10 day processing to cut costs. •  Daily trips to the CA Secretary of […]

Advantages of a Corporation

Are you thinking about starting a corporation in California? Here are some advantages of a corporation. First of all, What is a corporation? A Corporation is a business entity that is legally separate from it’s owners. Thus, a corporation is seen as a legal “person” that can pay taxes, enter into contracts, and incur debts separate from its owners. You […]

What is an Agent for Service of Process California?

Agent for Service of Process California In order to do business in California, you must have an appointed Agent for Service of Process. Now, this may bring you to the question of what is an Agent for Service of Process and what will they do for me? An Agent for Service of Process can either be […]