California Secretary of State Records

The Sacramento office is the only place where records can be requested. Diversified Business Solutions is located in Sacramento. We make trips daily to the Secretary of State. We can get plain copies or certified copies.  We can get a Certificate of Good Standing in 1 business day. All other records take 3-10 business days.

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The documents below are public record. We can request records for any California Corporation.
These include:

  • Articles of Incorporation, or Statement and Designation by Foreign Corporation
  • Limited Liability Company, Articles of Organization, or Application to Register Foreign Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Certificate of Amendment, Restated Articles of Incorporation, Coversions and Mergers
  • Dissolutions, Election to Wind Up and Dissolve
  • Statement of Information (last complete or no change, listing of the officers.)
  • Copy of ALL Documents on Record
  • Status Report
  • Certificate of Status (Certificate of Good Standing)
  • Certificate of No Record
  • Certificate of Listing

The Secretary of State charges a $10 counter fee.  Copy fees are: $1 for the first copy, $0.50 for each additional copy. The fee per certification stamp is $5.

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Certificate of Good Standing:

We can get you a Certificate of Good Standing in 1 business day. If you need this right away but also need other documents you might want to order this separately. You will have to pay the $10 fee for both requests but it will save you time. If you do it in one request they will hold the Certificate until the other records are ready.

Corporate Document Requests:

If you need copies of corporate documents such as: All Documents on Record, Articles of Incorporation, Articles of Organization, Amendments, Restated Articles, Mergers, Dissolutions, Statement of Information, etc. please plan ahead!

If you mail in your request will take 4-6 weeks to get it back. We can cut down that time to 3-10 business days. There is no rush service available but our service will save you a lot of time. We will drop off your request as soon as it is received. Same day service is available.


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FAQ: Can anyone order copies of records?

Yes. These records are public documents for California Corporations.

FAQ: Do I put my information as the requestor?

Yes. Put your name and address on page one. We will send your records to the address listed.

FAQ: How do I find out who owns a Corporation or LLC?

Request a copy of the Statement of Information. This will list officers or shareholders for Corporations.  This will list members and managers for Limited Liability Companies (LLC).

FAQ: What is a plain copy?

A plain copy is a photocopy of the document that was filed.

FAQ: What is a certified copy?

A certified copy is a photocopy of the document that was filed that has a certification stamp on the back of it. It also says how many pages it is certifying.  It is signed by the California Secretary of State certifiying the document is true and correct.

Example: You are requesting all Statement of Information Documents on Record. Let’s say there are 3. They will staple all 3 Statements together and stamp the back page and write “3” on the stamp. If you need each page certified then we have to tell them. They will charge $5 per stamp. Each page will be separate with its own stamp.

FAQ: How do I know how many documents are on file?

1. You can call the Secretary of State at (916) 653-3365 and ask them.

2. Or we will bill you a flat rate when we file. We will refund an overpayment over $5 or bill you if we didn’t cover our costs.

FAQ: Do I Need Certified Copies?

We suggest having certified copies of all documents on record. These documents should be kept together in a corporate book.

A certified copy is usually required for:

  • Court
  • Applying for a loan
  • Insurance Policies
  • Opening a bank account

You should check with the agency requesting the copies. They will know if they need your document certified. Do this before placing your order. This will save you time and money.

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