Agent for Service of Process in California

What is an Agent for Service of Process and why do I need one?

An Agent for Service of Process is an individual or a corporation that is designated to accept court papers if a business is sued.  It is required by law that every Corporation and Limited Liability Company have an agent for service of process.

Note: A corporation can not act as it’s own Agent for Service of Process.  For a corporation to act as an agent it must be registered with the California Secretary of State as a 1505 corporation.  If using a corporation as your agent, do not fill in the corporations address on any forms. To see a list of the approved 1505 corporations that can act as an Agent click here. You must have authorization from the corporation in order to list them as your agent for service of process.

Can Diversified Business Solutions act as my Agent?

Yes – we can act as your Agent, we charge $150 per year for this service.

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Can I be my own Agent for Service of Process? Can I have a friend or employee be my agent?

Yes you can. However, the agent must meet the requirements:

1. The individual is over the age of 18. If using another Corporation they must be registered as a 1505 corporation with the state.

2. They must have a physical address in the state of California. They must be willing to have this address be public record.

3. They should be present at the physical address Monday through Friday during normal business hours.

4. They should be reliable and dependable. If they move you are required to file a new Statement of Information with their current address. There can be additional fees associated with amending this document.

5. If documents are received by the agent and not forwarded to the business being sued, it could result in default loss of your court case. Make sure your agent knows how to get a hold of you and has updated information about you and your business at all times.