Name Reservation – CA Secretary of State Name Reservation

Name ReservationName Reservation

The Secretary of State rejects thousands of documents for many reasons. Many business entity filings are rejected due to a conflict or match to another name.  You forfeit the counter fees when documents get rejected. This can cost you up to $350.

Solution: Do a name reservation before you file your documents.

The first thing to do before filing new formation documents is to do a name reservation with the CA Secretary of State.  A name reservation will reserve the entity name for 60 days. This will not allow any other filings to go through if their name is the same or too similar. This is an easier way to see if a name matches what you want.  Some words can be split up to see if they have a match.  Example: Parkview Apartments could be the same as Park View Apts.

To learn more about picking a name click Name Guideline Restrictions CA SOS.  This guide is long but will give lots of information to help you.  As you will see the state is very picky about names.

The Secretary of State charges $4 per name search.  The fee to reserve it is $10. The name is reserved for 60 days.  We make this easy for you to do.  Click here on the Name Inquiry Form.  Give us three choices for your business name.  Email us the form or fax it to us at (916) 481-2230.  Our fee is $30 plus California Secretary of State fees.  Contact us at (916) 480-1225 for all your business entity filing needs.