FAQ’s on California Secretary of State Business Filings

California Secretary of State Business Filings

Please see the most frequently asked questions when filing documents at the California Secretary of State below. Feel free to contact us at (916) 480-1225 or click here if you would like one of our agents to contact you!


Q: How long will it take to file my Secretary of State documents?

A: The amount of time the California Secretary of State Business Filings take to file documents depend on the processing time chosen at the time of submission. Submitting your documents over the counter will have a quicker turnaround time. Standard processing will take 5-7 business days and expedited processing will take 1 business day. Mailed in documents generally take longer due to the fact that you need to account for the mailing time. 

Q: How long does a records request take to process?

A: A records request generally 3-7 business days to process. If the request only consist a Certificate of Status (Good Standing), it will take 1 business day to process. Please keep in mind that older records might be in the Archives Department. Documents that are in the Archives Department will take additional days to process. 

Q: What documents do I need to file in order to start up a Corporation or an LLC?

A: You will need to file the formations documents to start up an entity. Corporations are required to file the Articles of Incorporation and LLCs are required to file the Articles of Organization (also known and the LLC-1 form). 

Q: Do the California Secretary of State Business Filings accept scanned copies or will they need the original wet signature documents?

A: The California Secretary of State Business Filings department do not need original wet signatures. The signatures must be manually signed and can NOT be an electronic signature.

Q: Are Bylaws and Operating Agreements filed with the California Secretary of State Business Filings?

A: Bylaws and Operating Agreements are not filed through the Secretary of State. They are maintained by the business and the business only. 

Q: How can I register my business in California from another state?

A: Corporations from another state will need to file a Statement and Designation by Foreign Corporation document. LLCs will need to file an Application to Register an LLC (also known and the LLC-5 form). Both entities will need to obtain a Certificate of Good Standing from the state the business was formed in. 

Q: How can I check to see if my company name is available?

A: You can start with a Name Search and Reservation inquiry form to confirm name availability. We also have a prepaid account to provide this service over the phone. You can get started on this by calling us at (916) 480-1225.

Q: If I hire Diversified Business Solutions to submit my documents over the counter, how soon can I expect my documents to be submitted?

A: All documents and payments received by 12:30 PM PST will be submitted the same day. If received after 12:30 PM PST, we will submit your documents the following business day. When your documents are available for pick up, we will be there to pick them up, scan and e-mail a copy to you, and then mail out the originals.

For more information on how to file your documents through us, please call (916) 480-1225 or click here to have one of our agents contact you!