Score with Diversified Business Solutions!

Are the owner of a small business and is looking for a fun and stress-free accounting solution? You have come to the right place! Most business owners face the problem of managing their QuickBooks file that they do not get a chance to manage the rest of their priorities. Let Diversified Business Solutions help you manage your accounting […]

Xero vs QuickBooks – Choosing Accounting Software

Xero vs QuickBooks Overview You are running a small business, but sometimes the business looks like it’s running you, as you spend much of your time doing the administrative work, rather than running your business. You are hearing multiple things about which accounting software to choose, Xero vs QuickBooks. QuickBooks has been around forever, but […]

Xero Accounting Software

Full Accounting Solution using Xero Accounting Software Streamlining your accounting process for your business requires that you take into consideration a number of things. Most important is the software that you have been using for quite some time to avoid falling into a rut with it hence complicating your accounting output. Xero accounting software and […]

Financial Ratios Analysis

Financial Ratios Analysis For Your Business Financial ratios analysis are normally used by current and potential investors, creditors and financial institutions to evaluate a company’s past performance and identify trends in a business and compare its performance along with the average industry performance. It also enables them to identify strengths and weaknesses of an business and to […]