Reviving an LLC in California

Reviving an LLC in California So, you just received a suspension notice from the Secretary of State regarding your LLC, what does this mean? An LLC may be suspended for a number of reasons. The California Secretary of State Office and the Franchise Tax Board are the two main bodies responsible for LLC suspension. LLCs are required […]

Considerations When Starting A LLC In California

  Starting an LLC in California If you are thinking of starting a LLC in California, there are a number of considerations that you will need to keep in mind. This type of company puts together the benefits of a partnership, sole proprietorship as well as a corporation in a single entity. This implies that […]

Revive an LLC in California

 What it takes To Revive an LLC in California Let’s face it, starting an Limited Liability Company (LLC) may not be the easiest task in the world, but keeping one in “good standing” can be quite the handful. In order for an LLC to be in good standing, you must meet all the filing requirements […]

Start a Business in California

When you start a business in California, the first decision a business owner must make is to decide which type of entity they want to establish. This is generally something you will want to discuss with your CPA as they are familiar with your taxes. Each type of business has pros and cons and there […]

Document Delivery Fees – California Secretary of State

Delivery Fees – Document Courier to the California Secretary of State How Do I Pay The California Secretary of State My Filing Fees? 1. You pay us and we pay them. We collect your filing fees up front. We collect our courier fee up front. We charge $20 to cut checks on your behalf to […]