Annual Corporate Statement of Information

An annual corporate Statement of Information filing is required for all corporations. Your entity is required to file the form whether you are formed in California or registered to do business. A Statement of Information will update the Secretary of State of the changes to your business. It can be changes like updating new officers, directors, or […]

About Us – Diversified Business Solutions, Inc.

Our Mission: Our mission at DBS is to provide fast, easy, reliable and friendly service to anyone needing Secretary of State Business Filings and QuickBooks accounting services. We will help our clients every step of the way and respond quickly to inquires, questions or problems. We will make sure our clients have copies of their […]

Benefits of Hiring DBS as your Agent for Service of Process

Who is required to have an Agent for Service of Process? All entities such as corporations and LLC’s are required to have a registered Agent for Service of Process. Whether you are starting a brand new California entity or registering to do business in California, the state requires your business to have an appointed Agent […]

Registering an Out of State Corporation in CA

  As you may know, the state of California may be one of the most difficult states to work with! Registering an out of state business in CA can be a long and hard process but please look no further! Our goal at Diversified Business Solutions is to make this process as smooth as possible! Statement […]

Advantages of a Corporation

Are you thinking about starting a corporation in California? Here are some advantages of a corporation. First of all, What is a corporation? A Corporation is a business entity that is legally separate from it’s owners. Thus, a corporation is seen as a legal “person” that can pay taxes, enter into contracts, and incur debts separate from its owners. You […]

California Secretary of State Tips

We understand that filings documents at the California Secretary of State may not be the easiest experience to go through. Many times, your left with unanswered questions and wonder if your documents ever made it to the Secretary of State. Over the course of our experience, here are some tips that Diversified Business Solutions can […]

Help with LLC Applications

5 Steps to start an LLC Do you need help with LLC Applications? Starting an LLC can be a stressful process. But no worries! Diversified Business Solutions is here to walk you through each step when filing with us.   Step 1: Decide on LLC Name The first step to starting an LLC is to decide […]

What is an Agent for Service of Process California?

Agent for Service of Process California In order to do business in California, you must have an appointed Agent for Service of Process. Now, this may bring you to the question of what is an Agent for Service of Process and what will they do for me? An Agent for Service of Process can either be […]

Forming a Limited Liability Company in California

Forming a Limited Liability Company in California There are several steps to forming a Limited Liability Company in California.  A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a type of entity that limits the owners’ liability to the assets owned by the company. No member of the company is personally liable for debts or obligations owed by […]

Agent for Service of Process in California

What is an Agent for Service of Process and why do I need one? An Agent for Service of Process is an individual or a corporation that is designated to accept court papers if a business is sued.  This person will also receive paperwork if the corporation or LLC has failed to file a Statement […]