California Secretary of State Forms

California Secretary of State FormsTrying to start up a business or maintain your current business can be quite costly. And it certainly does not help when trying to file documents with the California Secretary of State. The good news is that they have created California Secretary of State forms to simplified the way you prepare documents. Below is a list of reasons why you should use the California Secretary of State forms.

  1. Easy to use – The California Secretary of State forms are very easy to use. You simply type in your information, print the form, and sign it.
  2. Low cost – Using the state forms will reduce your cost to prepare corporate documents dramatically. With legal terminology already stated on the California Secretary of State forms, you will not have to hire an attorney or CPA to prepare these documents for you.
  3. Low risk for rejections – In our experience, we have seen an outstanding decrease of document filing rejection. This is because every time a law changes, the state also updates their form, thus amending the verbage on the form to be in compliance.
  4. Time efficient – California Secretary of State forms are quick and easy to fill out. With documents having a much high chance of getting filed, most business owner find that they do not have to find time to revise their forms.
  5. Accessible online – The California Secretary of State has made their template forms accessible to the public online. Please click here for a list of their forms.

Not only should you use the California Secretary of State forms, but you should also use our courier service to file these documents for you. We provide over the counter and in person filing with the Secretary of State located in Sacramento, CA. Filing your documents over the counter will have a much quicker turnaround time. You will also have someone there to advocate and ask questions about your filing.

Filing your documents through Diversified Business Solutions, Inc. is as easy as 3 steps.

Step 1: E-mail your completed documents to

Step 2: Call (916) 480-1225 to make a payment over the phone.

Step 3: Receive confirmation from DBS that your documents have been submitted.

Your documents will be available for pick up depending on which processing time you choose. When your documents are available, we will be there to pick them up, scan and e-mail a copy to you, and then mail out the originals.

Please call us at (916) 480-1225 to get this process started or click here if you would like one of our filing experts to contact you.