CA Secretary of State – Rejected Corporate Documents

Rejected corporate documentsWhy do documents get rejected?

There are numerous reasons why rejected corporate documents get returned from the CA Secretary of State. Below are some common errors that may cause for rejection:

  • Name is not available for new entity formation
  • Incomplete forms
  • Address does not meet requirements
  • Agent for Service of Process is not correctly listed
  • Entity number does not match entity name

*Please note that these are common errors. For tips on how to file SOS documents, click here.

What happens when Secretary of State rejects my documents?

Corrections will need to be made do your documents. Secretary of State counter fees are non refundable. We will charge an additional fee for resubmissions.

Note: The completeness and accuracy of your documents is YOUR responsibility. We cannot guarantee that your documents will be accepted. Double check your documents! We will do a basic review of your documents before we file them.

How soon can I resubmit rejected corporate documents?

You resubmit your documents as soon as the corrections have been made.

Please Contact us  at (916) 480-1225 to assist you with filing your documents!